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For each other


 The photo of a four-year-old boy next to a Santa Claus, both knelling, praying, thrilled many, at Christmas 2015.

The moment captured by the lens motivated several actions on social media. It was what they call viral, a virus of good, we can say.

The boy, little Preston Barnette, on a date with a Santa Claus at the mall, in the United States, instead of asking for toys, as would be expected, wished his Christmas gift was the health of a sick little baby, who he did not even know in person.

The picture captured the moment when both, knelling, were praying for the recovery of the newborn, hopeless in a neonatal ICU.

Preston learned of the baby´s condition through his grandmother, who maintains a group of prayers on a social network. He had no doubt that was what he would ask Santa when he found him: that the baby became good.

The grandmother says that he was so touched when he saw the picture of the hospitalized child that he wanted to do something for him. And so he did.

*   *   *

There are so many things we can do for each other...

The germ of kindness, altruism lives within each of us, without exception.

Some need more time to find it, but we can say that the fowering of good in our hearts is inevitable, it is of the Law, of the Universe.

When someone begins to think of the other, he begins to see the other in his own journey, seeing him as an equal, a brother on the way, he begins to realize the wonders in the world.

The law of love and charity does not propose the abandonment of oneself, that means, a devaluation of who we are, of our desires or dreams.

No, that is misunderstanding. What love proposes is: consider the other as well; consider that the other is important, that he has a right to be happy in the same way that you are.

These perspectives alone can totally change our social and family relationships.

Love says that we must do more for each other, even if that doing is a simple prayer for someone who suffers at a distance.

Prayer is strength, it is positive action, it is not just a request thrown in the air, like a balloon that we release in the wind without knowing which direction it will take.  

May we pray for each other, in difficult times, of trial, of unhappiness and also of joy.

That is right, of joy too. Whoever lives good times in their existence, results of conquests, victories, celebrations, also needs our prayers.

It is the prayer asking for protection, sending good vibrations that work as a shield against any kind of adversity. Finally, it is the antithesis of envy that, in its disturbed nature, can not bear to see happiness in the other.

*    *    *

For each other.

What can we do for each other?

Much more than we think.

Let us look around and realize how useful we can be. Let us embrace this simple cause, of small actions, and enjoy unparalleled happiness in the depths of our hearts. 

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